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Microlight Experience

Imagine heavenly blue skies and breathtaking scenery below, picturesque spots and cool breeze blowing gently against you. You can now stop the imagination and make a realization!

Soaring up high in the sky, fly freely like a bird seemingly the world under your feet looking like a miniature.

Microlight flying is an exciting adventure sport that provides people of all walks of life the opportunity to glide across the skies and feel the exhilaration of being as free as a bird. Glide and cruise in the sky while enjoying breathtaking views with this unique flying experience!


Package Details

Price Details

Session Length : - 

(A) 10 - 15 minutes  

Date : - Every Saturday & Sunday 

- Weekdays are only available upon the minimum of 2 hours flight

Time : 10.00AM – 06.00PM

Package Details

- 3 days booking in advance


Add Ons

Video Recording Per Flight ( RM 50 )
Transportation Within Langkawi Island ( RM 40 )

Aircraft Type

An unusually wide speed range for this design of a wing, from 50 to 100 km/h. Still-17 has a wide speed range. 

Controllability of this wing will satisfy demands of the most whimsical pilot. It is extremely responsive to control efforts. 

Roll efforts are low, both for entering and exiting the turn. The launch is easy, after the lift-off it is recommended to pull-in slightly, especially if you use a powerful engine or in a single-seater variant. 

After launching the wing is balanced at cruising speed of 70-75 km/h. The wing can be balanced at a lower speed, but in that case, it is more roll-sensible and at rough control, an inexperienced pilot can have a few nasty moments. 

Pitch efforts in all speed range (from 50 to 100 km/h) are moderate, but with a right gradient. The stall is smooth, which is, as a rule, unobtainable in most trikes with the classical layout. 

In the near-stall mode, Still-17 continues steady flight and its nose sinks only after the release of the control bar, after which the wing gains lost speed practically without any dive. The wing has excellent controllability at coordinated control (pitch-roll) and even at not coordinated one (roll only). The wing is stable at turns. 

Bumpiness at turbulent flights is easily counteracted. Still - 17 is an ideal wing for manoeuvring flights at low altitude, the pilot has control over the situation at every flight stage. Landing approach is classical. The line of descent can be corrected easily. Even at weak wind, the wing allows hitting the spot.

Still-17 can be recommended for flights that require a combination of good weight-lifting capability and good manoeuvrability, for example, in agricultural applications or for delivering of loads/passengers to an unequipped site. And with a single-seater version, you'll just enjoy an obedient wing!


Langkawi Island

Terms & Conditions

Dress Code: 

  • Trousers, long jeans, t-shirt and sunglasses, short pant (sleeveless, singlet, mini skirt and heels are strictly not allowed)


Booking Requirement: 

  • A written confirmation of booking must be made 1 week in advance of your event date, provided our Microlight event is vacant.


Photography/ Videography: 

  • All the participants are allowed to take photos/videos when you are flying as for your own personal purposes only.



  • Cancellation: The booking of tour confirmed after full payment is made and after we issue you a receipt/confirmation letter. Once confirmed, the booking cannot be cancelled and payments made are not refundable.
  • Client’s can reschedule freely for your confirmed event if more than 1 week; If less than 1-week client required any reschedule or amendment, a fee of RM50 would be imposed.
  • If there is any cancellation or change of dates due to weather; we will 100% refund or client are allowed to have the option to reschedule to later date/time at no extra cost.


Arrival Time/Date: 

  • Once event time/date is confirmed, all participants are to be on time and maximum grace time of 30 minutes will be given before the event start. In the event delayed by the participants, OneDayPilot will not be liable for any uncompleted flying events.


Meteorological Conditions: 

  • All our operations are subject to cancellation at any time if the weather conditions are not favourable to fly. The itinerary is an approximate time schedule and is not guaranteed.


Participants Info:

  • Health conditions: good heart condition, no pacemakers and fit to fly.
  • Minimum age: 5 years old and above. 
  • Pregnant Guest: Advise us of the progress of their pregnancy at the point of participating in our event.
  • Pregnancy more than 28 weeks MUST provide a doctor's certificate. However, we will refuse carriage for pregnancy 36 weeks and above.
  • Senior Citizen: Certified fit to travel by qualified doctors or physician.
  • Maximum weight is 100 kg per person.


Payment info: 

  • The full payment settles 1 week before the flight.