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Aerial Photography & Videography

Drones are changing the world. They are now very often used for aerial photography and videography.  Aerial Photography & Videography refers to taking photographs of the ground from an elevated perspective.  The reason why drones became so popular and common in this field is because of they are capable of reaching angles of view that make for great aerial shots of landscapes and buildings.


We offer professional aerial photography and videography for documentary films, commercials, wedding, property marketing, sporting events, site research, development monitoring, mapping and a lot more...We are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest quality aerial video and photography services. So, hire us for all your aerial events!   


Package Details

Price Details

Drone Aerial Videography 

- RM 1,499/job


Drone Introductory Lesson

- RM 150/pax

- A minimum of 20 pax is required

- Minimum aged 10 and above


*Participants are eligible to receive Drone badges level 1



We also cater for Helicopter Aerial Videography and Aircraft Aerial Videography upon request. Kindly contact us for more information and quotation will be provided on a case to case basis.

Tel: +03 9200 2998

WhatsApp: +017 803 0200


View our youtube video for more information.



Package Details

Drone Aerial Videography 

Session Length

- 2 hours



- Drone Flight Arrangement : 2 Flights

- Ground Videoman

- Video Recording & Editing 


Drone Introductory Lesson

Session Length

- 2 hours



- Classroom training with hands-on experience

- Detailed descriptions of System & Type of Drone

- Drone Fly Experience

- Certificate from KRUM & JPN

- Snacks available 



Add Ons

Aircraft Type



Both of our products (Drone Photography Service and Drone Introductory Lesson) are dedicated within Klang Valley Area only. Participants who are interested in our products can choose a location within Klang Valley up to your convenience. For Drone Introductory Lesson, the location has to be near to a field in order to carry out the Drone Fly Experience. 

Terms & Conditions

 1.  Meteorological Conditions:

1.1. All our operations are subject to cancellation at any time if the weather conditions are not favorable to fly.

1.2. All our operations are subject to delay or cancel by the control tower due to busy air traffic or any other reasons are not favorable to fly.

1.3. The itinerary is an approximate time schedule and is not guaranteed.

1.4. Participants will be updated with the latest weather condition 2 hours before flight through phone calls (or whichever mode of communication that is available).


2. Arrival Date/Time:

2.1. Once an event date/time is confirmed, all participants are to be on time and maximum grace time of 30 minutes will be given before the event start.

2.2. In the event delayed by the participants, Global Business Partner Sdn Bhd WILL NOT BE liable for any uncompleted flying events.


3. Booking info:

3.1. The flight must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

3.2. A minimum of 1pax is required for this event to operate.

3.3. Booking is available only on weekdays (9:30am-5:30pm) and Saturdays (9:30am-1:30pm). 

3.4. Confirmation for this product will be received at time of booking, unless you are booking within 1 month of tour date. In this case, confirmation will be received within 1 week before, subject to availability.


 4. Cancellation and Reschedule:

4.1. NO REFUND or CANCELLATION allowed after payment made.

4.2. Should there be any cancellation of flight due to bad weather will lead to flight rescheduling without additional charges within 3 months.

4.3. Reschedule of booking may be made in writing or by telephone.

4.3. Should there be any cancellation of flight due to act of God including but not limited to fire, flood, outbreak of any epidemic, disease(s) or other natural disasters and any interruption or failure of utility services including but not limited to electric power, gas, water or telephone services will lead to a NON REFUNDABLE CANCELLATION of flight.