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Skydive - Static Jump & Free Fall

Static Jump

Static Jump is the most popular and classic way to learn skydive.  6 hours of ground-class is that all you need to carry out your first solo jump from 3,500 feet under supervision of our experienced instructor.  As you exit the aircraft, you will free fall for approximately 3 to 5 seconds.  Then your parachute opens automatically by a 'static-line' which is attached to the aircraft and you can fly and land the canopy yourself.  Depending on the time and weather permitting, you'll either make your Static Line Jump after the ground class or reschedule the jump to another day.  If so, a refreshment course for about 30 minutes will be given before your jump.


Free Fall

Your experience doesn't have to stop here...Continue to take another 2 to 4 static jumps and you'll be qualified to perform free fall from 10,000 feet.  The whole Free Fall Course is inclusive of 5 jumps however you can choose to either purchase all 5 jumps at once or one at a time!  Our instructor will hold on to you and exit together for the first 3 jumps but for the remaining jumps, the instructor will only observe your exercises. You're cleared for solo jumps once the instructor is impressed. 


Package Details

Price Details

Static Jump

- RM 1,550 (1 jump)

- RM 2,500 (2 jumps)

- A minimum of 10 pax is required for this experience


- Join our monthly public group to proceed


*You are able to apply for Skydive Student Licence with minimum 2-jump course.


Free Fall

Please contact us directly for booking arrangement:

Tel: +603 9200 2998

WhatsApp: +017 803 0200


Package Details

Static Jump

Session Length

- 6 hours of ground class (compulsory)

- 20 minutes for aircraft to reach exit point at height of 3,500 ft

- Duration of skydive experience varies according to preference of participant



- Skydiving up to 3,500 ft

- Full Equipment and Safety Facilities

- Skydive Video Recording subjected to instructor's permission

- Skydive Permit Fee and License arrangement

- 1 Souvenir and Event Certificate for every participant



Free Fall

Session Length

- 2 hours of ground class (compulsory)

- 30 minutes for aircraft to reach exit point at height of 10,000 ft

- Duration of skydive experience varies according to preference of participant



- Skydiving up to 10,000 ft

- Full Equipment and Safety Facilities

- Skydive Permit Fee and License arrangement

- 1 Souvenir and Event Certificate for every participant



Add Ons

2 pax Two-way Transfer Service ( RM 250 )
4 pax Two-way Transfer Service ( RM 450 )
10 pax Two-way Transfer Service ( RM 1500 )

Aircraft Type

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a single engine four-seat light touring aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation. The Cessna 172 was in production by Cessna and Reims (France) between 1956 and 1986. Production resumed in 1997 as Skyhawk 172R and Skyhawk SP, based on Cessna 172B. No aircraft in the world was more often produced than the Cessna 172, until today (2010), more than 43000 Cessna 172 have been produced.


Britten-Norman BN2B

The BN2B Islander is an all-metal, high wing, twin engine, short take off and landing aircraft powered by two fuel injected engines which drive constant speed, fully feathering propellers.  It can accommodate 8-10 passengers.  The aircraft has fixed tricycle landing gear, extendable flaps and manually adjustable trim tabs on the rudder and elevator.  Because of its low take off speed, high wing, ample propeller clearance and sturdy fixed landing gear, the Islander is capable of operating from relatively short and rough airstrips.  Its excellent low speed capabilities enable it to safely contour much steeper terrain than most other fixed-wing aircraft. 



Sungai Rambai Aerodrome (Airstrip),

Kampung Tasek, Sungai Rambai,

77400 Melaka, Malaysia.


Google Link:

Latitude   :     2 08' 10.8" N

Longitude: 102 32' 15.1" E



Tekah Airport,

Jalan Tekkah 1, Taman Tekah Jaya,

34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.


Google Link:

Latitude   :     4 51' 50.6" N

Longitude: 100 43' 10.5" E



Segamat Airstrip,

Jalan Anggerik,

85000 Segamat,

Johor, Malaysia.


Google Link:

Latitude   :     2 29' 52.7" N

Longitude: 102 50' 23.2" E



Terms & Conditions

1.   Medical Requirements

1.1. All persons engage in skydiving MUST: 

1.1.1. Posses at least a current FAA Third-Class Medical Certificate or;

1.1.2. Carry a certificate of physical fitness for skydiving from a registered physician or;

1.1.3. Have completed the USPA recommended medical statement.           


2.   Participants Info:

2.1. Health conditions    : Good heart condition, no pace makers and fit to fly.

2.2. Minimum age         : 17 years old

2.3. Maximum age        : 50 years old

2.4. Weight Limit           : Below 90kg

2.5. Pregnant Guest      : We REFUSE to carry pregnant guest.

2.6. Senior Citizen        : Certified fit to travel by qualified doctors or physician.


3.   Student Skydivers

Note: All references to USPA instructional rating holders apply to higher rating holders in that training discipline.


3.1. General

3.1.1. All student-training programs must be conducted under the direction and oversight of an appropriately rated USPA Instructor until the student is issued a USPA A License. 
A person conducting, training, or supervising student jumps must hold a USPA instructional rating according to the requirement that follow.


3.2. First-jump course

3.2.1. All first-jump non-method-specific training must be conducted by a USPA Instructor or a USPA Coast under the supervision of a USPA Instructor.


3.3. All students MUST receive training in the following areas sufficiently to jump safely:

3.3.1. Full Equipment

3.3.2. Aircraft and exit procedures

3.3.3. Free fall procedure (except IAD and static-line jumps)

3.3.4. Deployment procedures and parachute emergencies

3.3.5. Canopy flight procedures

3.3.6. Landing procedures and emergencies


4.   Meteorological Conditions:

4.1. All our operations are subject to cancellation at any time if the weather conditions are not favorable to fly.

4.2. All our operations are subject to delay or cancel by the control tower due to busy air traffic or any other reasons are not favorable to fly.

4.3. The itinerary is an approximate time schedule and is not guaranteed.

4.4. Participants will be updated with the latest weather condition 2 hours before flight through phone calls (or whichever mode of communication that is available).


5.   Arrival Date/Time:

5.1. Once an event date/time is confirmed, all participants are to be on time and maximum grace time of 30 minutes will be given before the event start.

5.2. In the event delayed by the participants, Global Business Partner Sdn Bhd WILL NOT BE liable for any uncompleted flying events.

6.   Booking info:

6.1. The flight must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

6.2. A minimum of 1pax is required for this event to operate.

6.3. Booking is available only on weekdays (9:30am-5:30pm) and Saturdays (9:30am-1:30pm). 

6.4. Confirmation for this product will be received at time of booking, unless you are booking within 1 month of tour date. In this case, confirmation will be received within 1 week before, subject to availability.


7.   Cancellations and Reschedule:

7.1. NO REFUND or CANCELLATION allowed after payment made.

7.2. Should there be any cancellation of flight due to bad weather will lead to flight rescheduling without additional charges within 3 months.

7.3. Reschedule of booking may be made in writing or by telephone.

7.3. Should there be any cancellation of flight due to act of God including but not limited to fire, flood, outbreak of any epidemic, disease(s) or other natural disasters and any interruption or failure of utility services including but not limited to electric power, gas, water or telephone services will lead to a NON REFUNDABLE CANCELLATION of flight. 


8.   Photography / Videography:

8.1. All the photos/videos taken from the sky during the event are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED to be used for advertisement in any media.

8.2. All the photos/videos taken can be used for personal collection and memory purposes only. 


9.   Security Requirement:

9.1. All participants MUST must bring along their original Identity Card (IC) or Passport for a check-in reason.

9.2. Photostat copies of the above are NOT valid for check-in and may result in NON REFUNDABLE CANCELLATION of flight.


10. Foods and Transportation:

10.1. The participant shall bear their own food and transportation.


11. Dress code:

11.1. T-shirt, trousers, jeans and sport shoes are recommended

11.2. Sleeveless tops, singlet, mini skirts, hot pants, heels and uncovered shoes are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.

11.3. Sunglasses are highly recommended.